USICH Urges Councilmember to Reconsider Stance on Community Care Facilities Ordinance

USICH Urges Councilmember to Reconsider Stance on Community Care Facilities Ordinance

In 2007, Los Angeles City Council introduced a motion intended to eliminate sober living homes from residential areas. While the ordinance was unsuccessful in 2007, Councilmember Mitchell Englander has since revived the proposed legislation- now known as the Community Care Facilities Ordinance. Although initially intended to specifically target sober living facilities, in its current form the ordinance casts a much wider net and has the potential to eliminate shared housing options for over 43,000 families in the City of Los Angeles.

By threatening the living situation of thousands of individuals, the Community Care Facilities Ordinance will increase homelessness. Various organizations have taken a public stance against the ordinance and earlier this month Barbara Poppe, Executive Director of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), joined in opposition. Barbara reached out to Mitchell Englander to voice the USICH’s concerns over the ordinance’s potential impact on homelessness in Los Angeles. USICH’s letter highlights the growing alarm surrounding the ordinance- the potential devastating impacts are now garnering national attention. In her letter, Barbara writes:

“As has been well documented, Los Angeles suffers from a severe lack of affordable housing; consequently, the rate and extent of homelessness is one of the highest in the country. The proposed ordinance, if enacted, would further reduce available affordable housing options, eliminate rental supports from physically and mentally disabled individuals living in shared housing, and worsen the tenuous living situations of many of Los Angeles’ low-income households.”

Barbara also points out that, through the leadership of the City and County of Los Angeles and the Home For Good Action Plan, Los Angeles has made great strides towards reducing chronic and Veteran homelessness. USICH believes that the proposed ordinance is “a considerable step backwards in these efforts.”

Let’s not increase homelessness in Los Angeles! Learn more about the ordinance and join us in opposition by visiting

Read the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness’ full letter to Councilmember Englander: USICH's Letter to Englander


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