Vivian's Story

Vivian's Story

At a very young age, Vivian began to hear voices in her head. Her mother’s lack of understanding with regards to her mental illness led to years of abuse and at the age of 15, fearing for her safety, Vivian decided to run away from home.

Although she had managed to hide her illness, start a family and build a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the problem eventually became too severe for her to cope with.

In 2005, Vivian experienced a major nervous breakdown while living with her children out of an RV in Long Beach. After contacting Child Protective Services to request that they be placed in foster care, she attempted to take her own life. Fortunately, she was discovered before it was too late.

Officially diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, Vivian eventually found herself living on the corner of 6th Street and San Pedro where Stuart Robinson, Director of Housing and Homeless Services at United Way partner LAMP Community, reached out to her.

Vivian had been chronically homeless for more than two decades but with proper care, treatment and support, she is now stably housed and reunited with her three children.

Welcome Home, Vivian!



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