Volunteer for Pasadena's Registry Week

Volunteer for Pasadena's Registry Week

Registry Week in the City of Pasadena is on August 8, 9th, and 10th! We are excited to have joined the 100,000 Homes Street-to Home campaign because we are committed to ending homelessness in Pasadena. Housing First works, and we believe that the place to start is with the most vulnerable who are most likely to die on the streets. It is far more cost effective and humane for someone to be housed than to be living on the streets. Common Ground’s vulnerability index will be the tool we use because it has been proven to work in other communities across Southern California and the nation.

Pasadena is very excited about the amazing team we have put together to work on this campaign. It includes the City of Pasadena, Common Ground, United Way, and Housing Works. Housing Works will be the service provider that will be outreaching to, engaging, housing, and providing long term case management services to the 40 most vulnerable homeless Pasadena residents living on the streets as identified by the vulnerability index. It’s been really amazing to see all the local businesses and faith-based, social service, and government agencies who have come to the table to help make this campaign a reality in our community.

We have been meeting regularly to plan for both Registry Week when we identify our vulnerable homeless residents and afterward when we work with them to get housed and stabilized. We have been having a lot of fun planning and are especially thankful for several community experts who are helping us get this done. They’re community experts because they are formerly homeless residents of Pasadena who want to help those that are still out there. Our goal is to end homelessness in our community one person at a time by beginning with the most vulnerable, and who better to help us reach that goal than those who have experienced homelessness themselves!


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