Why I Walk- David Miller, Campaign Associate

Why I Walk- David Miller, Campaign Associate


David Miller is a United Way Campaign Associate. He outreaches to organizations in the community, sharing about United Way’s mission and promoting the work of initiatives like Home For Good. He shares the stories of our providers and clients with those he meets and now shares with us why he will be participating in HomeWalk on November 23.


David Miller-Why I Walk

Living in traffic-heavy Los Angeles, I use the freeway on my commute to work. Each day, I get off at the same exit and see someone asking for money at end of the off ramp. Seeing these people makes me wonder, how many millions of drivers pass them by without blinking an eye? How many people turn away to avoid them entirely?

I don’t know the answer to these unfortunate questions. What I do know is that I would not want to be in that situation myself, and NO ONE should have to live like that. There are far too many people in LA County in need of shelter, food and clothing. Far too many people, continuing to be unseen and even avoided at freeway off-ramps.

The United Way’s annual HomeWalk is one way in which we can all make a difference in the lives of these people.  Together, we can create solutions and support programs working to end homelessness in LA County. I am participating in HomeWalk to help raise money and awareness on this pressing issue because something needs to be done, and something can be done.

Why do I walk? I walk for a day when there will be no more homeless people at freeway off ramps.

Join David in his efforts to change LA by signing up for HomeWalk at www.homewalkla.org! Together we can end homelessness!


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