Why I Walk: Downtown Women's Center

Why I Walk: Downtown Women's Center

HomeWalk admirably demonstrates the strength of homeless individuals and of those who endeavor to end homelessness, creating solidarity and culminating in one of the Downtown Women Center’s strongest values—community. The DWC mission includes advocating for the end of homelessness for women and if we succeed, it will be through the work of communities coming together for this important cause. HomeWalk provides the meeting space for the LA community to convene and send the message that we believe we can end homelessness.

Christine Devine interviews Francine at HomeWalk 2011

Downtown Women’s Center has been participating in HomeWalk for the past 5 years and ensures that a team of staff, interns, Ladies, and volunteers are dedicated to making this event a successful endeavor for our organization.

DWC is fortunate to have a dedicated and generous community of staff and volunteers, who not only monetarily contribute to our fundraising goals but also help raise awareness by reaching out to their friends and family. Our electronic methods of fundraising include e-blasts sent to volunteers and staff. We also advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and at www.DWCweb.org.

Similar to our fundraising methods, in order to recruit walkers and runners, we make sure to send out informative electronic messages via our website, email, Facebook, and Twitter. To involve our program participants and residents, we publicize Homewalk at the Center through posters, flyers, and brochures. In fact, many of our participants have been involved with HomeWalk for several years. DWC Resident Francine will be participating in Homewalk for a third year in a row. DWC’s Homewalk team members are ambassadors for encouraging others to join our team and walk in solidarity.

“I want to do things for the Ladies,” Francine stated as the reason for why she walks. For her, homelessness is a problem that resonates personally, “There are a lot of people, homeless people, who live on the street. There are a lot of them that I know.” Francine, like all of DWC’s participants and residents understands first-hand what it is like to be homeless and she is dedicated to helping others become self-sufficient and housed.

It is from such resilient women that DWC draws encouragement and inspiration that homelessness can be solved through the awareness and support for permanent supportive units created by events like HomeWalk. We encourage others to participate as well - homelessness affects all of our communities and everyone must be a part of the solution!

Pauline Chu is an intern at Downtown Women’s Center.

To sign up for this year’s HomeWalk please visit www.homewalkla.org


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