Why I Walk: Emily Bradley

Why I Walk: Emily Bradley

I wore a blue hand-me-down baseball jacket every day of kindergarten. From the sandbox to school and back, it went with me everywhere. My simple, blue baseball jacket was more than just a way to stay warm; it gave me the confidence to take on the world. It was my safety net, my sense of security.

Not everyone has this same sense of security though. Through volunteering and working in the public and nonprofit sectors, I have seen how minute the difference is between living securely and becoming insecure. For many families, one missed paycheck could mean the difference between having a home and being evicted.

In the last few years, I have seen the mounting insecurity in our community and the increasing number of individuals under financial and emotional distress. I have seen many hardworking people operating on stretched means and limited opportunities, finding themselves falling into poverty without a safety net to catch them.

This HomeWalk, I walk to rebuild lives and foster a more secure future for those in need. I walk to give others the same confidence and security that my little, blue baseball jacket afforded me.

Emily Bradley is an intern at United Way of Greater Los Angeles. She is also the team captain for USC Trojans Conquering Homelessness.


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