Why I Walk: Jennifer Schneider from Skid Row Housing Trust

Why I Walk: Jennifer Schneider from Skid Row Housing Trust

Jennifer Schneider, Administrative Program Manager at Skid Row Housing Trust, tells us why the Skid Row Housing Trust will be joining us at this year’s HomeWalk and what has helped the Trust succeed in its HomeWalk efforts. 

We walk because we believe in what we do. We feel strongly about permanent supportive housing and the benefits it has, that we see every day with the residents we serve. We believe in the work that the United Way does on behalf of the homeless in Los Angeles and are ever grateful for the United Way’s support of our organization. HomeWalk is a great way to meet other permanent supportive housing providers and advocates for the homeless, and the energy that is felt and shared at each HomeWalk is amazing, it’s indescribable. At HomeWalk, advocates for the homeless and for housing solutions unite, for one day, together in the work that we believe so strongly in.

We have a committed HomeWalk planning committee that meets on a regular basis, both before and after each annual HomeWalk. We set an agenda and delegate tasks evenly to committee members. We also create our own HomeWalk flyers and post them throughout the agency.

The Trust has a large staff across our agency and our property management company, so we recruit amongst these staff as well as friends and family, and also have a system in place to have our residents sign up to be team members through their resident services coordinators. We encourage team members to outreach to friends and family for fundraising, and also post messages for fundraising on our agency’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as encourage team members to do the same with their own. Additionally, we provide transportation to residents who are team members. In sum, I’d say that a strong team and agency spirit has helped us with our success!

Skid Row Housing Trust is currently one of the top 5 fundraising teams! It has raised over $5,000 and recruited 142 team members.


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