Why I Walk: Margie Espinoza from Team Homeless Heroes

Why I Walk: Margie Espinoza from Team Homeless Heroes

Hello my name is Margie Espinoza,

My father in law serviced in the National Guard and did a tour in Korea. He later settled in the City of El Monte with his wife and had the calling to serve once more when he enlisted with the Air Force. His service with the Air Force took him overseas once again to Germany and although there were no wars he felt the need to serve our great country and protect the rights and freedom that so many of us take for granted.

I am inspired to participate and help recruit people for the Homeless Heroes because I am inspired by past employers and Unions who fought for the rights of our service men and women. My father in law worked for Alcoa Aluminum and belonged to UAW while deciding to serve our country once again had the peace of mind to know that his job would be safe and waiting for him upon his safe return.

I currently work for the El Monte City School District and have a Union brother who served in the Army reserve and was called into active duty for Homeland Security. His tour of duty lasted for one year and we had to fight to keep his job for him. There is no longer the security that our service men and women, when they return home, will find the jobs they left to fight for our rights and freedom.

It is shameful how we do not take care of our veterans and their families. I hope you will join me in supporting our troops, our veterans and make sure that they all have a place to come home to.

Margie Espinoza is a member of the CSEA El Monte LocallO







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