Why Is Middle School So Important?

Why Is Middle School So Important?

While research shows that since dropout rates tend to peak during the first two years of high school, middle school (the 6th, 7th and 8th grade) constitutes a pivotal moment in a student's career - offering one last chance at effective intervention. *

Operating on the firm belief that academic success is the surest pathway out of poverty for our children, United Way of Greater Los Angeles is working to raise our county's high school graduation rate to 75% by increasing teacher effectiveness, parent engagement and middle school achievement.

In collaboration with the nationally-renowned Diplomas Now program, created by Johns Hopkins University’s Dr. Robert Balfanz, we're working to identify kids at-risk and provide them with customized tutoring, peer mentoring and case management.

This student-centered approach to dropout prevention, currently being implemented at struggling LAUSD campuses such as Clinton, Liechty and Hollenbeck Middle Schools, was featured on a recent episode of PBS' Frontline.

For more information on the joint effort between United Way and Diplomas Now to turn L.A.'s lowest-performing schools around, please click here.

Seizing the Middle Ground: Why Middle School Creates the Pathway to College and the Workforce , (pg. 2)


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