Meet Zondre


“Homelessness doesn't look just one way. All walks of life can end up homeless. I left home at 14 and got involved in gangs. I never used drugs; but the way other people had a drug habit to feed, I had my mother. Being able to make my mother smile was the only drug I needed, and it made me more intense about getting money to bring her, which led to my incarceration.


At age 53, I realized I'd been homeless since age 14. I am stably housed for the first time at age 56. I didn't know what was missing until I was permanently housed. All the luxury around me couldn't give me what I have now-- PEACE. A life that's consistent in freedom.”


Today, Zondre is a resident at NoHo Senior Villas, a permanent supportive housing development! Zondre now inspires and educates others to take action to end homelessness through the CSH Speak Up Advocates program. CSH is a funded partner of United Way.