What the Looming Eviction Crisis Means for LA Families

Thursday, December 10, 12 PM - 1 PM

Virtual Connect InformationVirtual Connect December 2020

The strain of housing costs in LA County, coupled with the loss of income and jobs due to the pandemic, has put thousands of families at greater risk of eviction, jeopardizing not only their immediate well-being but their long term financial health, as well.

This crisis affects all of us—because the strength of our communities depends on us working to meet the needs of one another. Join us for a virtual forum on the looming eviction crisis to hear from a panel of expert voices on what we can do to support vulnerable families throughout Los Angeles now and well into the future.

Get Involved with Everyone In 

This heat is brutal. There are many ways we can show up for those experiencing homelessness, like offering water and being thoughtful to those seeking shade and cool places to stay. But we also need to show up to support real, long-term solutions. Participate in one of our events this week and next. We have multiple trainings happening throughout L.A. County, there is a screening of the film The Advocates, and a huge opportunity to speak up for your unhoused neighbors at the Candidate Forum we'll be hosting on August 1st.

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