Our Engagement Team

At United Way, the Engagement team works to connect and empower individuals and organizations to give back to our community through volunteerism, advocacy and philanthropy. No other organization brings together as many people with as many resources and expertise. Together, we tackle the root causes and build long-term solutions to end poverty and homelessness.

Lizzy-Paulson.png Lizzy Paulson, Director, Engagement and Strategic Initiatives

In high school, Lizzy’s senior superlative was, "Most likely to plan a revolution, serve hors d'oeuvres before the event and give party favors to the overthrown government." While the nontraditional superlative is humorous, it also speaks to Lizzy’s longstanding passion for being a catalyst for good and her belief that through strategic integration of social impact initiatives, an organization can achieve its measurable goals and objectives. At United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Lizzy works with our volunteers, donors and advocates on long-term solutions to the structural problems facing those in need in L.A. County. United, we build powerful partnerships in our community and innovate the way people, policies and systems work together for a stronger future.

Amanda-Chin-yee.pngAmanda Chin Yee, Affinity Groups Manager

Originally from the island of Jamaica, where the national motto is: “Out of many one people”, Amanda is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and she is dedicated to creating a stronger and more connected network of donors and advocates at United Way. Known to be an avid connector and community builder, she spearheads efforts with Women United and Emerging Leaders--two programs that are focused on amplifying female and millennial voices to ignite systemic change, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty in Los Angeles. As Affinity Groups Manager, Amanda is dedicated to empowering philanthropic leaders through thought leadership, advocacy, volunteering and professional development opportunities.

Brian-Rosenbaum.pngBrian Rosenbaum, Engagement Manager

Brian Rosenbaum, MSW, CVA, is a California native with more than a decade of nonprofit experience. As Engagement Manager for United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Brian oversees United Way’s year-round calendar of volunteer and engagement opportunities, as well as coordinating corporate volunteer engagement events. In his spare time, Brian can be found running, cooking, or gardening.

noah-dewitt.pngNoah DeWitt, Coordinator, Engagement and Strategic Initiatives

Noah brings more than 5 years of non-profit experience and a strong desire to prioritize efficiency, effectiveness, and impact to the fight against poverty in Los Angeles. As a Southern California Native, Noah can be found exploring the mountains, catching the early morning surf, or finding the best burger in the county.