We’re fighting to create pathways out of poverty for students, individuals, veterans, and families across L.A. County. But we can’t do it without you. Your donation isn’t just a gift to United Way, it’s a gift to students like Maria, to formerly homeless residents like Andre, and to post-9/11 veterans like Jorge. It’s the hand up they need to survive and thrive.

Who can give:


What does my gift do?

Your gift is helping students like Maria graduate high school with the requirements needed to apply to her dream college. Your gift will help place people like Andre, a formerly homeless resident, into permanent supportive housing after more than 23 years on the street. And your gift will even make sure that post-9/11 veterans like Jorge return home with a good-paying job that’ll allow them to succeed.

How can I give?

We’re glad you asked! Only $42 per month helps a homeless veteran clear the final hurdle to housing by covering the security deposit. Donate once or set up a monthly donation here.

When can I give?

You’re welcome to give any time you’re able to. But now is always a great time to start transforming lives.

Why does it matter?

Did you know that it’s 43% cheaper to house a chronically homeless individual than it is to leave them on the streets? When we work together to lift our neighbors out of poverty, we’re laying the foundation that’ll lead to L.A.’s long-term economic growth. Now that’s something that’s great for everyone.

Where can I donate?

Click on the GIVE button on the top right corner of this page!