Pandemic Fund FAQ's

Who will the Fund help?
The Fund will target unsheltered and sheltered homeless residents who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, and low-income households at imminent risk of homelessness and hardship due to health and economic impacts of coronavirus.

How does United Way define “low-income”?
We define “low-income” based on the Real Cost Measure, an indicator developed by United Way of California that identifies the income required to meet a basic standard of living in each county across California. The Real Cost Measure factors in local costs of housing, food, transportation, child care, health care and other basic needs.

What if I or someone I know needs assistance?
Please see our COVID-19 Resources and Assistance blog or check the Pandemic Relief Fund page for information on how community members can access support through nonprofit partners supported by the fund and more broadly providing resources and services for those impacted by COVID 19. 

How will the funds be distributed?
Funds will be disbursed to trusted local non-profit organizations that will provide support to low-income residents in the form of direct payment, services, goods or other supports. A list of selected organizations and information on accessing resources for those impacted by COVID 19 will be posted here when available.

How can I donate to the fund?
Donations can be made here. or by visiting @LAUnitedWay on Facebook,

Due to the emphasis of social distancing and remote work policies in place during the pandemic, we are encouraging donations to be made online at the link above.  You may also contact [email protected] to process information on large check donations. 
by mailing a check to United Way of Greater Los Angeles, 1150 S. Olive Street, Suite T500, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Please make your check payable to United Way of Greater Los Angeles and write “Pandemic Relief Fund” directly on the check memo line to directly identify your donation.

Online donations: You may increase your donation to cover credit card processing/bank fees our organization covers in processing 
Facebook Donations - Donations made on Facebook to charitable organizations, such as United Way of Greater Los Angeles, using the Facebook payments platform aren't charged fees.

Can I send in a check?
Yes, please make checks payable to United Way of Greater Los Angeles and send them to:
United Way of Greater Los Angeles
1150 S. Olive st. Suite T500
Los Angeles, CA 90015