Two years ago, voters across Los Angeles County overwhelmingly voted to pass Proposition HHH—a $1.2 billion measure to build 10,000 units of supportive housing by 2026. The Prop HHH program aims to reduce homelessness in L.A. County through the construction of supportive housing units and increased support of necessary services and treatment programs.

In March of this year, L.A. City Council members, community leaders, and United Way of Greater Los Angeles worked together to create a short-term goal that would push forward the larger goals of Proposition HHH. Each council member pledged to construct 222 supportive housing units in their districts by July 1, 2020. This goal would lead to at least 3,330 new supportive housing units, keeping the City Council on target for its larger Prop HHH goals.

As the L.A. Times reported earlier this week, some districts are further along in achieving this 2020 goal than others. For instance, Gil Cedillo (District 1); Curren Price (District 9); and Jose Huizar (District 14) have already exceeded the goal for 2020. Yet, other districts are lagging far behind the goal.

With the goal of increased transparency, United Way’s Everyone In™ campaign is tracking the progress of each district in reaching these goals.

What’s keeping some of these districts from reaching their goal? The obstacles towards building these supportive housing units range from community opposition to developer interests to questions over the best location for the units. Still, we are nearly two years away from the 222 Plan deadline in July of 2020—there is still ample time for all council members to reach the goal.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles brings people together to work on issues that are too big for any one organization or person to solve on their own. We believe true transformation in our communities comes from both individual efforts and long-term systemic change. United Way and our partners are dedicated to working on all fronts to bring everyone in to change L.A. County for good.