L.A. lawmakers pledge 222 units for homeless residents in each district

via L.A. Times

In a nutshell: The Los Angeles City Council showed their commitment to ending homelessness in L.A. County by backing the 222 Plan, created by United Way of Greater Los Angeles in partnership with City Council President Herb Wesson. Learn more about this plan of action here.

Quote of note: "Under the pledge, each council member will back the approval of least 222 units of supportive housing in his or her district before July 1, 2020, including any units approved since last July.”


L.A. students see in Villaraigosa’s California Students’ Bill of Rights an opportunity to improve schools and their teachers’ working conditions

via L.A. School Report

In a nutshell: As students across the country are making their voices heard on gun control, California youths are being given the opportunity to have a voice in ensuring all students have access to a quality education.

Quote of note: “We want our kids to feel empowered, to feel that they can have a say and they have influence. What they have to say matters, so their participation at this event was very important,” said Carlyn Oropez, Director of Operations of the Northeast Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club.


Finding architectural solutions to LA’s homelessness crisis

via Curbed Los Angeles

In a nutshell: USC School of Architecture students are exploring alternative forms of housing to help L.A.’s homeless population.

Quote of note: “In 2016, the Martin Architecture and Design Workshop sponsored ‘Homeless Studio’ at the USC School of Architecture for the fall semester. The program resulted in a new initiative called Homes for Hope, which plans to provide short-term housing to those awaiting placement in permanent supportive housing facilities tailored to serve the needs of homeless residents.”