No one person can end poverty in L.A. County alone. But United, we have a fighting chance at creating a better future for all Angelenos. That’s why we’re taking a moment to say THANK YOU!

June 30 marked the end of our 2017 fiscal year -- and it was incredible. Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to accomplish a number of feats. United, we:

  • Led the effort to pass Prop HHH and Measure H, which collectively secured nearly $5 billion in funding for proven solutions to homelessness. That’s enough to move 45,000 individuals off the streets over the next five years.
  • Housed nearly 9,000 of our homeless neighbors countywide, providing permanent supportive housing through our Home For Good initiative as we address one of L.A. County’s most pressing issues.
  • Created a Parent Toolkit designed to empower LAUSD parents and caregivers with the questions, checklists, and info they need to be the biggest advocates for their children’s education. These toolkits have already been distributed to more than 6,200 individuals across LAUSD.
  • Led efforts to register more than 15,000 LAUSD high school students to vote in local and national elections.
  • Provided more than 29,000 students with workplace experience through our Linked Learning initiative.
  • Placed more than 2,700 veterans into good-paying  jobs, providing a key tool on their path to sustained financial stability.
  • Provided free tax assistance to low-income individuals by helping file 9,783 tax returns and securing nearly $11.5 million in returns.
  • Provided more than 19,400 households with basic necessities needed so that these families can continue to survive and thrive.

As a community, we’ve made significant progress towards ending poverty in L.A. County -- and we’re just getting started. What’s most important is that we couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you so much for your ongoing contributions and support.