Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a buzzword that companies toss around, but not many embody the phrase quite like SoCalGas.

In 2016, SoCalGas employees volunteered more than 12,750 hours and gave thousands of dollars to deserving organizations, such as United Way. When Claudia Andrade joined SoCalGas as Community Relations Manager in 2013, she was tasked with building a team for United Way’s signature fundraising event, the HomeWalk 5K run/walk to end homelessness.

“Because we provide service to more than 500 communities from the central coast to the Mexican border, it's important for us to give back to the areas we serve," she said. "Giving back to our community is very much a part of our company culture. We have a number of programs that encourage employee giving and volunteering--and HomeWalk is one of our most successful initiatives."

Claudia and many other SoCalGas employees see homelessness on a daily basis.

“Our headquarters is located in Downtown L.A. We're right in the heart of it,” she said. “We see homelessness everyday when we drive past Skid Row on our way to work, so we want to help the city where we live. We want to be part of the solution.”

Her competitive nature, desire to do good, and ability to rally support made her an ideal team captain. For the past four years, SoCalGas has held the distinction of having the largest HomeWalk team, a title they take seriously. What started as a team of 750 when Claudia joined, grew to become a team of 1,300 at last year’s event. That’s all thanks to a supportive executive team and enthusiastic employees.

SoCalGas was also the team that raised the most money last year, bringing in more than $165,000 to help end homelessness in Los Angeles County! 100% of the proceeds go to support United Way’s homeless initiatives. Since its inception in 2006, HomeWalk has raised enough money to provide permanent supportive housing for more than 18,000 formerly homeless Angelenos.

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