United Way is designed to focus on local communities. Throughout the world, United Way employees work out of regional offices to do just that -- whether it be Los Angeles (from where we write these words), across the country, or across the globe.

While we focus on our individual communities so we can make the biggest impact, some events transcend locality. Events like the suffering in Florida, Las Vegas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Texas reach us all.

As we walk down the street or scroll through social media, we see our neighbors suffering through grief and pain. We see Angelenos despondent over not knowing what to do because the issues seem too big and too unsolvable. We can take comfort in the humanity expressed by people helping each other, strangers helping strangers, and the bravery and compassion of our first-responders. It reminds us to live each moment to the fullest, to treasure those we love, to not let tragedy dishearten us, and to be inspired by the faith, humanity, and resilience all around us.

But in the midst of all this, it’s important to remember that when a community stands United, all issues are solvable. 

Together, we can overcome our biggest problems by forging unlikely partnerships, by finding new solutions to old problems, by mobilizing the best resources, and by inspiring individuals to keep fighting.

Because United, we can change the world.