Join Us for HomeWalk 2019 on May 18!

In the fight to end homelessness in Los Angeles County, we are arguably better equipped than ever before to hit that goal.

Two years ago, 1.5 million L.A. County residents voted to pass historic measures called Measure H and Proposition HHH. That legislation promises to bring nearly $5 billion over a ten year period to create the comfort and safety of a home for the tens of thousands of people who lack it. And while getting that vote was a huge accomplishment, we knew had to match it with a campaign to educate and engage all Los Angeles residents in the fight to end homelessness-- that’s why we launched EVERYONE IN.

Since the launch one year ago, we’ve enlisted the support of 11 community organizers to help build a grassroots activation campaign to activate support for supportive and affordable housing across the county.

Chelsea Byers is one of those organizers and she has an intimate understanding of the terrifying realities of losing your home.

“When I was in high school, during the recession, my family lost our home,” she explains in a video created by EVERYONE IN. “We didn’t become homeless, but coming to Los Angeles as I did four years ago and seeing how deeply impacted the whole county and this whole region is by homelessness, it felt really personal.”

Thanks to Chelsea and her fellow organizers, the campaign has built a community of nearly 80,000 people who are working alongside us to increase support for housing across the county. 

But that’s not it. We’ve also worked hard to get nearly 5,200 units of supportive and affordable housing approved for Prop. HHH funding, helped 25,000 people secure interim housing, and created a groundswell of support that helped pass 5 state and local laws making it easier to build supportive and affordable housing. 

The momentum is only building.

“We work in the community every week — knocking on doors, training advocates, and hosting storytelling and pop-up events — to ensure people have accurate and up-to-date information about housing solutions and how to support them.”

Ready to go all in and help our neighbors experiencing homelessness? Join United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, May 18 in Downtown L.A. for HomeWalk, the family 5K run/walk bringing everyone in to end homelessness in L.A. County.

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56560660_10158522659792178_3387924925263118336_o.jpgChelsea Byer's speaking at United Way of Greater Los Angeles' recent Tocqueville Talks event.