2017 ended with Prop HHH kicking Los Angeles’ fight to end homelessness into high gear!

City officials broke ground on the 122-unit PATH Metro Villas housing development on December 20, the first project subsidized by the Proposition HHH funds!

Eight developments funded by Proposition HHH are expected to start construction in 2018. These well-planned developments will create nearly 500 more homes for low-income and homeless individuals, getting us even closer to our goal of 1,000 units per year for the next 10 years.

While Prop HHH is funding the development of the affordable housing initiatives, funds from Measure H will holistically support the new residents moving in.

Measure H dollars will be used to prevent homelessness, increase affordable housing, help individuals increase their income, provide case management services, subsidize housing, and help create a coordinate system.
So far, Measure H funds have already been allocated to increase the efforts of street outreach by teams called C3 (County, City, and Community) teams. Members of those teams, which include nurses and counselors, are already having an impact on downtown L.A.’s Skid Row. Now, these multifaceted street outreach teams are expanding westward to Venice to share medical care, resources, and hope with homeless residents.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles has a goal to support the development of 1,000 permanent housing units each year for the next ten years and find homes for 50,000 individuals within the next 3 years.

While we’ve made incredible strides towards ending homelessness, the fight is just beginning. Show your support and continue to say #YestoHousing. Take the pledge to show your elected leaders, neighbors, family, and friends that you say YES to building supportive housing in your neighborhood.