Recently KPCC conducted an In Person event: “Homelessness—A Conversation Determined by You” hosted by Libby Denkmann.

Rudy Salinas, The Center at Blessed Sacrament: “Elise represents a considerable part of the structure through United Way that has given us the ability to have these conversations… that has given the staff that I work with the ability to look at someone in the eye under an overpass of the 101 freeway and tell them that there is an option for them. And having some promise of some ability to say in every section of the city we might have some set aside spaces even for interim housing would be huge and necessary for us.”

Peter Lynn, LAHSA: “The work that Elise addressed with the Everyone In™ campaign is really important in terms of catalyzing community participation from people who want to be part of the solution; but it is the very grassroots work that needs to happen. You need to talk to people, we need to show people facilities, we need to get them to speak to neighborhood councils.”

KPCC’s entire In Person event can be viewed here.

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