It’s true: every donation counts. Whether $10 or $10 million, acts of giving will impact lives and create pathways out of poverty.
There are also donations that transform into so much more. Donations that result in powerful partnerships, that spark community change. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has a gift for creating this “spark” within United Way because they understand the transformative impact of philanthropic support in catalyzing collaboration. The power of philanthropy has driven the Hilton Foundation to invest directly in United Way’s leadership and create a cross sector partnership in Home For Good (the organization’s homeless initiatives division), in grants to partner organizations doing the most effective day-to-day work in the community, and in challenging Angelenos to fundraise and power events like our annual HomeWalk.

“It’s an understatement to say the Hilton Foundation plays a key role in the efforts to end chronic homelessness in L.A. County,” said Elise Buik, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles. “They’ve done more than just help lay the groundwork. They’ve inspired the architecture and provided insurance for its future.”

Since 2009, the Hilton Foundation has been one of the biggest supporters of United Way of Greater Los Angeles -- helping to create and drive the success of the Home For Good Initiative and events like HomeWalk through matching grants and program support. That long-term commitment was renewed again with this month’s announcement that the Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $8.5 million through February 2020 to support United Way’s Home For Good initiative and our mission to end homelessness in L.A. County.

Of the $8.5 million grant, $2.7 million will support Home For Good implementation and $5.8 million will provide leveraged grants through the Home For Good Funders Collaborative. To date, the Home For Good Funders Collaborative has strategically invested over $34M in private funding that has further leveraged nearly $1 billion in public resources to build and scale systems and solutions to homelessness.

“In its seventh year, our partners in government, nonprofit, philanthropy, and business continue to work collaboratively to drive long-term solutions to end chronic homelessness in Los Angeles county,” said Peter Laugharn, president and CEO of the Hilton Foundation, about the Home For Good program. “The Foundation’s investment alone is not enough to bring solutions to scale, and the public-private partnership that has been built through Home For Good allows the Foundation’s investment in our communities to be amplified. We couldn’t do this without all of the partners who make up Home For Good.”

“People experiencing chronic homelessness are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society, often requiring a disproportionate and costly amount of public health and safety services. A wide body of research shows that permanent supportive housing is the best, most cost-effective solution.” — Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

By making donations to United Way that support operational costs for Home For Good or providing matching funds for donations given to HomeWalk, the Foundation is the catalyst that allows others to come together to affect change. Much of this local giving began with the launch of the Foundation’s 2010 strategic initiative to end chronic homelessness in Los Angeles County.

But the Hilton Foundation’s commitment to compassionate, cost-effective solutions for ending chronic homelessness goes even further back. Since 1990, the Foundation has made more than $90 million in grants to many nonprofits, primarily to advance the permanent supportive housing model. This includes the initial $1 million seed grant that started the Home For Good Funders Collaborative.

The Hilton Foundation returns this year as the Presenting Sponsor for United Way’s 11th annual HomeWalk, also sponsoring the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Match. For every $5,000 raised at HomeWalk, the Foundation will match with an additional $5,000. Raise $30,000 and they’ll triple the match!

To help support the multi-sector collaborative to end homelessness sponsored by the Hilton Foundation, join United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the Hilton Foundation at HomeWalk on Saturday, November 18. Help us end homelessness through permanent supportive housing for the most vulnerable amongst us.