Since its launch in 2011, United Way’s Home For Good Funders Collaborative has aligned and invested public and private resources to unlock more doors to our most vulnerable homeless neighbors in L.A. County. In the last three years, we have invested significantly in building the capacity of housing developers to accelerate our supportive housing pipeline. As a result of these efforts, the housing pipeline has more than tripled in size since 2016. With the passage of Proposition HHH and policy changes reducing regulation and cost, like the PSH Streamlining Ordinance, we have been able to add thousands of new units to the pipeline.

Despite this growth, we know there are still significant barriers to development threatening our ability to maximize resources and reach our housing goals. Rising cost of construction, competition for land, and complicated financing structures are forcing us to look differently at how we build in Los Angeles. Building on L.A. County’s Housing Innovation Challenge, and the L.A. City’s Proposition HHH Housing Challenge and L.A. County’s Mental Health Housing Program: Alternative Housing Models Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and No Place Like Home (NPLH) NOFA funding opportunities, the Funders Collaborative issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to support developers in exploring strategies to develop high-quality, scalable supportive housing in L.A. County.

Housing Summit Competition Goals

Creating the right kind of housing

Housing to effectively end homelessness is a multivarient solution driven by needs of individuals paired with affordability and support in an increasingly demanding market place.  Whether it is Supportive Housing (perminent housing structures paired with onsite services) or simply Affordable Housing, which is reserved for those who earn than less than average income and below market rate. You can learn more about the background of HHH Funding that has expedited the process to create Supportive and Affordable housing at

Categorically with advances and speed in which housing is being developed the following proposed types of housing is being looked at for development by many partners and archtecteral agencies leading the charge for innovation here in L.A. County:
Adaptive Reuse category

Brilliant Corners - Adaptive Reuse ConversionBrilliant Corners - Adaptive Reuse (renovated existing buildings)

Concept: Conversion of upperfloors of an existing self-storage facility. In this mixed-use concept, the storage company would continue to operate the lower floors as self-storage while Brilliant Corners operates supportive housing units on the upper floors. 

Units: 60, 2 sites
Cost Range: $372,000
Average Timeline: 2 Years
Open Date: April 2022

Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU Category

Venice Community Housing - Accessory Dwelling Unit ConceptVenice Community Housing Corporation

Concept: Modular ADU Units to add density to existing residential and office space

Units: 50
Cost Range: $100,000 - $228,000
Average Timeline: 1 Year
Open Date: December 2020

Additional ADU Housing Concepts

Modular Category

Clifford Beers - prefabricated modular housing conceptClifford Beers Housing - Prefabricated modular housing

Concept: Mixed income development, supplmental rent with a common fabrication design

Units: 70
Cost Range: $149,000 - $419,000
Average Timeline: 18 months
Open Date: October 2022

Modular Housing Options

Small Lot Category

Small Lot Category Housing OptionGenesis LA - Small Lot Concept

Concept: Mixed income development, supplmental rent with a common fabrication design

Units: 100+ Units, 7 sites
Cost Range: $180,000 - $300,000
Average Timeline: 11 months
Open Date: May 2021

Small lot options on housing

United Way of Greater Los Angele harnesses the collective power of the community and private fundraising, cross sectioned with public resources and housing services to focus on the challenge of housing our most vulenerable neighbors through out L.A. County.  To learn more about the mission work behind United Way and the advocacy of of it's supporters, click here.