We are very encouraged that recent news coverage on homelessness in Los Angeles County is bringing attention to the individuals and organizations who are working on the ground to change the lives of many of our homeless neighbors. United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Everyone In™ coalition, and many other advocates are making systemic progress in L.A. County, working to break the cycle of poverty in our community.

In case you missed it, here are some of the press highlights over the past few weeks:

  1. It was announced recently that Measure H, the legislation that allots countywide sales to house our homeless neighbors and prevent homelessness, has housed more than 7,400 people in our community so far.

  1. Most recently, city officials and community advocates—including United Way of Greater Los Angeles—reached a consensus over the creation of a homeless shelter in Koreatown.

"My goal was not just to create a compromise where we met in the middle. I really felt like we had the opportunity to create something higher and better together using our collective ideas.” —Chris Ko, Director of Homeless Initiatives at United Way.

The agreement sparked local coverage:

  • The Los Angeles Times has covered the agreement and our mediation work was mentioned by an editorial staff here.

  • A recent KPCC Take Two interview was published, quoting L.A. Council President Herb Wesson who said that “United Way played a critical role” in the discussions.

3. Dateline recently aired “City of Angels” which you can view here.

4. For a translation of Korea Daily’s interview with United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Chris Ko, you can find it here.

United Way brings people together to work on issues that are too big for any one organization or person to solve on their own. We believe true transformation in our communities comes from both individual efforts and long-term systemic change. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to working on all fronts to bring everyone in to change L.A. County for good.