With nearly 58,000 homeless individuals in Los Angeles County, it’s clear that we need to push for big solutions on a faster timeline. The best solution? Supportive housing, which offers our homeless neighbors the stability of a permanent home as well as the on-site supportive services—including medical treatment, job training, and more—they need to stay housed.

Many local lawmakers are on board, opening doors in their respective districts that pave the way for these buildings to get built. They’ve promised to build over 3,000 new units by 2020, thanks to the 222 Plan, and even recently pushed for a new ordinance that would help buildings get approved faster.

Despite all of this progress, these lawmakers have the power to stop projects in their tracks by withholding a “letter of acknowledgment,” which is needed before a proposed supportive housing building can get funding from the housing department through Proposition HHH.

L.A. Times’ reporter Emily Alpert Reyes recently explored the issue in-depth and explains further. Read more via L.A. Times.

Are you interested in supportive housing projects in your neighborhood? We need EVERYONE IN to get everyone in homes. Here’s how you can help.