LAUSD is the second largest school district, yet over 4,700 students drop out of high school and 45% of students graduate without the grades or courses to get into a four-year university (as of 2016). 

Ensuring all students have access to college readiness programs and support, increasing graduation rates, and managing and allocating an $8.4 billion annual budget were topics of discussion in the student-led LAUSD Board candidate forum runoffs held at United Way of Greater Los Angeles earlier this month.

The runoff elections for District 4 were between teacher and attorney, Nick Melvoin, and LAUSD Board President, Steve Zimmer. District 4 consists of the following cities: East Hollywood, Mid-City, Venice, Westchester, Marina del Rey, Woodland Hills, Topanga. District 6 runoffs elections were between charter teacher, Kelly Gonez, and community advocate, Imelda Padilla. District 6 includes the Northeast Valley.

Students and residents headed to the polls on May 16 to cast their vote and the preliminary results are in! Nick Melvoin led in District 4 by 57% to 43%, Steve Zimmer. In District 6, Kelly Gonez declared her win over Imelda Padilla, 51% to 49%.

Congratulations to all the candidates and thank you to everyone who participated in the elections. You helped ensure a future for our LAUSD students.

If you missed the LAUSD Board candidate runoffs at United Way of Greater Los Angeles on May 6, check out the photos below.