In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Last night, housing accountability and affordability were the subjects of a KPCC In Person event: “Homelessness—A Conversation Determined by You” hosted by Libby Denkmann.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles President and CEO, Elise Buik, was on the scene as a member of KPCC’s community experts during the discussion of accountability and affordable solutions to house our homeless neighbors.

Buik considers accountability to be one of the most important aspects of her team’s work:

“We have an effort called Everyone In™. I hope you join us at The reason I want to highlight it tonight is we are tracking the progress through dashboards ... on Prop H and Measure HHH dollars.” Check progress in your district and by your zip code here.

“We are a voice for transparency and accountability. We also are holding our elected officials accountable... We took that 10,000 goal from a ten-year to a three-year chunk. We got each council member to commit to 222 units.”

Do you want to become part of the growing solutions and network to end the homelessness crisis in L.A. County? Here’s what the experts say you can do:

Elise Buik – President and CEO of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles: “Go to, sign up, follow us on Twitter, get connected, have your voice heard and be part of saying ‘yes’ to housing in your neighborhood... Look at the council members who are at zero of their 222 units and use your voice in saying you want this in your neighborhood.”

Ben Winter – Director of Housing & Community Development Policy, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles: “I agree with Elise… You need to speak up… continue to talk about housing affordability... as a national problem… We need to advocate at all levels of the government, especially the federal government.”

Alan Greenlee – Executive Director, Southern California Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH): “Folks should go to the ballot November 6 and vote yes on 1, and 2 as they will bring state resources to bear on the issues of affordable housing and development.”

Tony Salazar – President, West Coast Operations for the for-profit developer McCormack Baron Salazar: “To all the private developers out there…do not be meet this challenge of building more housing units for the homeless ...there are good organizations to partner with.”

Trinidad Ruiz – Organizer, Vermont Beverly chapter of the L.A. Tenants Union: “At the local level, definitely the ballot box. Vote yes on prop 10… Repeal laws like the Ellis Act, passing more inclusionary zoning laws… It requires your presence. This is your government. You pay for it. You’re paying taxes. Get involved. Get organized.”

Peter Lynn – Executive Director of LAHSA: “Go to your neighborhood council meetings and say ‘yes.’ Participate directly in your neighborhood, go and talk to people and let them know that you support all of the assistance we can do whether it is interim housing, supportive housing...all of those things are really important.”

Va Lecia Adams Kellum – President and CEO of St. Joseph Center: “I like to encourage people to get hands on in this process. Get to know people who are hurting. Join us. There are ways to serve every day. We need landlords to get hands on in the solution... We need to hire people who are previously homeless… they have have hearts that we need to add to this work.”

Rudy Salinas – Chief Program Officer, The Center at Blessed Sacrament: “Go to theatres in October to see a movie called, “The Advocates,” it tells the story of workers who wake up every morning at the crack of dawn to go out and engage populations that we normally ignore. I strongly encourage you to go see it because it is a unique way of looking at this issue.”

KPCC’s entire In Person event can be viewed here

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