headshot of frank romero crockett

Let's shift the spotlight to the team members behind United Way. In this edition of Meet#TeamUnited, get to know Frank Romero-Crockett, Community Affairs Liaison for our Home for Good Initiative. Not only is he on the front lines advocating for our homeless neighbors, he also moonlights as a guitar-playing, DJ-ing, rockstar dad.

Fun fact: Frank actually got his artwork published in National Geographic — on accident! Read more about him below:

Hey everyone! I’m Frank. I’ve been at United Way of Greater Los Angeles for 5 months, but it feels longer! There are so many great things that are happening here.

I’m inspired by... The opportunity to play a huge role in ending homelessness in L.A. County. I truly believe in our coalition of extraordinary individuals who are working tirelessly to house our homeless neighbors.

My greatest accomplishment so far…

Has been working on a successful campaign that helped pass Measure H with 69.24% of the vote! Measure H is the 1/4 cent sales tax that offers immediate relief and long-term solutions to ending homelessness for 45,000 families and individuals across L.A. County and preventing homelessness for 30,000 in the first five years.

I’m most looking forward to…

Seeing the different ways residents of L.A. County will get involved in the fight to end homelessness in their communities. The City and County of Los Angeles, along with our nonprofit service providers, philanthropic partners, and faith leaders, have all stepped up in HUGE ways to leverage the critical resources and political capital that will pave the way for the next 10 years.  

By the end of 2017, we will be launching a campaign that will harness everyone’s commitmentto bring our homeless neighbors home for good and into permanent, supportive housing with the wraparound services provided by Measure H. We need to build 15,000 units in the next 10 years to change the landscape and identity of a region that has been synonymous with homelessness. We have that opportunity before us and now it is time to act!  

My favorite thing to do after work hours… Music, always! If I am not dancing with my kids to their “Happy Kids” playlist in the home or learning a new song on guitar, I am always searching for new tracks to play at my next DJ gig. Yes, I am a DJ on the side. I do private events, fundraisers, and weddings. I have no shame plugging my side hustle: visit www.frankroc.la.  

If I were a color in a crayon box, I would be… Sienna. It’s an orangey-reddish-brown color. It symbolizes clay or the Earth. That’s the name of my eldest daughter. She’s the most incredible kid ever. Seriously, big fan! She’s going to crush life and have a fun time doing it.  

The people I admire the most are…

My parents.They immigrated here from Bolivia and the Philippines in the late 60s and early 70s for a better life and more opportunities. They struggled a lot trying to give the best life to their three kids, saved enough money to finally buy a house, worked really hard to keep it, and prepared us to start families of our own. It’s a hard world out there and they worked hard to make sure we wouldn’t have to struggle as much. Can’t imagine who I would admire anymore than them!