Mike Alvidrez, CEO of Skid Row Housing Trust, is no stranger to the issues Los Angeles County faces. As a native Angeleno, he’s seen the struggles that our most vulnerable neighbors go through when left without a home to call their own.

“I remember a time when we didn’t have homelessness in Los Angeles, certainly not to the extent we have it today,” he said. “There was an aspirational feeling about Los Angeles. It was a place of potential and possibility. There was this general feeling that the city and its future will get better. But as homelessness has gotten worse, I don’t feel that same level of aspiration.”

Driven by hands-on experience working in Downtown L.A.’s Skid Row neighborhood, he helped to pioneer the development of permanent supportive housing to help our homeless neighbors overcome some of their toughest challenges in order to find stability and wellness. Under Mike’s leadership and guidance, the Trust has set the standard for providing homes and improving the quality of life for formerly homeless residents by establishing innovative housing in 26 locations.

By creating beautiful buildings with on-site supportive services, the permanent housing ideology aims to alter how people view their formerly homeless residents and how those residents view themselves.

“Once they were able to get into housing and get the services they needed, they’ve been able to really make positive changes in their lives and become advocates and ambassadors who are brave enough to share their own stories.”