Once located where the Green Apple Market sits today in Skid Row, Chrysalis began as a food and clothing distribution center and quickly grew into the first employment program to serve the homeless.

A key partner in United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ efforts to create pathways out of poverty, Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless and low-income individuals build self-sufficiency by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment.

Below, Chrysalis President & CEO, Mark Loranger, speaks about the emotional impact of job assistance, why it’s imperative to support people post incarceration, and the importance of United Way’s role in Chrysalis’ work.

Chrysalis and United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Why job assistance programs are needed for financial stability

The emotional and psychological impact of job assistance

Why it’s imperative to support people post-incarceration

Why United Way is needed in Los Angeles

United Way of Greater Los Angeles is proud to support Chrysalis in their important work within the Los Angeles community.