In 2007, we made a 10-year commitment to focus our efforts on creating pathways out of poverty for L.A.’s most vulnerable residents. This plan brought together Angelenos, elected officials, and organizations from various sectors to influence and implement lasting systemic change. Together, we’re tackling the county’s most pressing issues and have changed the lives of thousands of people for the better.

As we reflect on the impact we’ve made with the Creating Pathways Out of Poverty plan, we’re also looking forward. And thanks to the knowledge and support garnered through the years, we’re better equipped to keep up with the ever-evolving world as we move towards future progress.

In early 2017, we began a comprehensive strategic planning process to re-define our community impact vision for the next 10 years. The development of this vision was backed by a robust research and engagement process, including focus groups and surveys that you participated in, with a focus on the complex challenges facing those living in poverty.

Beginning April 13, 2018, community-based organizations operating in L.A. County can apply for grants to support their work to end poverty. Through this process, we’ll build partnerships with organizations that align with our vision and can demonstrate the ability to address our impact goals. Our 10-year vision is:

  • All low-income students have a pathway to education and a career

  • All low-income families and individuals have a place to call home

  • All low-income families and individuals have the economic resources and opportunities to thrive

We also have additional opportunities for funding through our Home For Good Funders Collaborative and Los Angeles County Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Housing developers and nonprofits directly providing services or programs to support homeless individuals and families can click here to apply through the Funders Collaborative. Nonprofits that provide emergency food and shelter services in Los Angeles County may apply for funding here.

A vision is not just a notion of what could be; it’s a calling to build momentum towards a better tomorrow.

Our investments in community-based solutions help us expand our reach and influence change throughout L.A. County. Read the RFP and learn more now.