Today our thoughts begin with George Floyd’s family because he should still be alive.

We remain saddened and angry that George Floyd’s life was taken from him in the first place, as was Breonna Taylor’s thirteen months ago last week, as was Daunte Wright’s not ten days ago.

We stand with the families of those taken from us violently and too young. We stand with the protestors who call us to account for the tragic deaths, disproportionately of Black men and women, at the hands of police. We stand with the visionaries who are shifting resources into community services such as housing and care and away from policing and incarceration. We stand with the leaders who are insisting on unarmed responses when arms are not needed, whether for mental health interventions or routine assistance.

We ask our neighbors to use this moment to rededicate ourselves to the cause of racial justice, social equity and transformation

No more senseless traffic stops and racial profiling. No more violent responses to mental health emergencies. No more police intervention to arrest our unhoused neighbors and sweep them from the streets. Let us all stand with the families who have suffered so much through these senseless killings and let us be more resolute in doing our part to create a more just and inclusive Los Angeles.