Take a virtual tour of supportive housing in case you missed our tour of Arlington Square Apartments.

Supportive housing is offered to those who need it the most—people who are experiencing long-term homelessness and/or people with physical / mental health or substance abuse disorders. And it works!

Tocqueville Society members and guests had the opportunity to personally tour supportive housing. Arlington Square Apartments, a supportive-housing development of A Community of Friends, is a United Way of Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA) partner. Members and guests toured the building, visited with a resident in his apartment, enjoyed lunch and got the latest updates on the Everyone In campaign from UWGLA Director of Public Affairs Tommy Newman.

Supportive housing has a success rate of 90%, meaning that almost all of the people who receive supportive housing stay in it. Even better? It’s about half the cost of leaving people on the streets.

Part of supportive housing’s success is due to the fact that this kind of housing offers comprehensive on-site services, including mental health treatment, substance use counseling, and support groups. Our Everyone In campaign goal is to approve at least 1,000 supportive housing units a year, a total of 10,000 units in the next 10 years.

Because these buildings take two to three years to open, we need to create shorter-term crisis housing now, to help people come off of the streets quickly.The plan summary above combines both the County and City of Los Angeles’ efforts. To read more about each, click here for the County and here for the City.

Did you miss the tour of Arlington Square Apartments? Watch a 360-degree virtual tour of supportive housing here: Sign up for our Everyone In campaign here.

Supportive housing is just one kind of housing solution to end homelessness. Read about Sue Gallagher’s experience with homelessness and affordable housing here.