The Citi Foundation announced that United Way of Greater Los Angeles was selected as one of seven Los Angeles recipients of a $500,000 grant as part of the 2018 Community Progress Makers Fund. The Fund is a $20 million, two-year initiative by the Citi Foundation to support high-impact community organizations that are driving economic opportunities in our communities by bringing together residents, nonprofits, businesses, and municipal agencies. United Way of Greater Los Angeles joins a group of 40 change agents who are playing a key role in coordinating the efforts of multiple partners toward common goals and working in new ways to address urban challenges in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington D.C.  

“We launched this program in 2015 as our version of ‘venture philanthropy’ – a chance to invest in the vision and mission of these organizations who are helping positively transform their communities,”  said Brandee McHale, President of the Citi Foundation. “We’re pleased with the results from our inaugural Community Progress Makers and are looking forward to implementing the lessons we’ve learned with this next, impressive group of community leaders as they scale, innovate and drive impact.”  

“United Way has been working for nearly a decade to end homelessness and poverty for tens of thousands of people across Los Angeles County,” said Elise Buik, CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles. “We are at a pivotal moment in the fight. Voters have approved billions in funding to invest in the solutions that we have piloted and tested, but the voter approved funds are not enough. The support from Citi Foundation’s Community Progress Makers Fund is critical to helping us continue to lead effective collaborations necessary to drive impactful solutions forward. Through our ‘Everyone In’ campaign and parallel community impact work, we plan to double down on this work and, with these new resources, do even more to help people across the region break the cycle of poverty, permanently.” 

In 2016-2017, the inaugural cohort of Community Progress Makers helped more than 14,700 low-income people secure financial assets; built over 10,500 affordable housing units; strengthened more than 1,100 small businesses; and connected 1,800 young people to jobs in their communities.  

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