Today is a good day in the fight to end homelessness in California. Governor Newsom’s comprehensive crisis response and budget announcement lays out a roadmap for the housing and homelessness emergency at hand, and allocates much-needed resources to a variety of strategies to address and prevent street homelessness.  This includes more services and treatment for our most vulnerable neighbors, investments in short and long-term housing solutions and policy changes to reduce barriers for desperately needed development of housing.

The “California Access to Housing and Services Fund” presents a clear plan addressing the homelessness crisis that affects over 150,000 Californians, and the housing crisis that affects millions more.  The United Way of Greater Los Angeles applauds the efforts of the Council of Regional and Homeless Advisors, chaired by Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

“Today’s announcement by the Governor and the taskforce further strengthens the commitment of our civic leaders to address the housing and homelessness crisis at all levels of government – local, regional and statewide,” said Elise Buik, President and CEO, United Way of Greater Los Angeles.  “We must do more in the short-term, while also investing in permanent, long-term solutions.  These investments and policies allow us to scale up what we know works.”

United Way of Greater Los Angeles is committed to preventing and ending homelessness through proven and innovative models of supportive and affordable housing. We will continue to address the critical needs of our most vulnerable neighbors for housing, education and jobs as we tackle the root causes of poverty together.