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United we stand.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles stands in solidarity with those demanding justice and change in
order to overcome the continued loss and devaluing of Black lives, rooted in a deeply painful history
of violence and police brutality against our communities of color, particularly our Black

We share in the deep sorrow and anger of our neighbors. We will continue to fight for equity in our
work; recognizing that our communities of color deserve more than life, they deserve hopes and
dreams, the right to access quality schools, safe and affordable neighborhoods, jobs and careers
with economic mobility.

We will continue to unite across all sectors- bringing business, philanthropic, community and civic
leaders together to permanently break the cycles of poverty, with greater intentionality on equity and

We have the power to end poverty, to dismantle racism, and to create a just nation for all. But it will
require great change, and it will require all of us to use our voices, platforms and relationships to
stand up for each other and for justice.

Please join us, and please remember these names:

George Floyd
Sean Reed
Ahmaud Arbery
Breonna Taylor
and too many more.

Let’s take action in our remembrance. Let us work together on the equitable solutions across all
communities, breaking not only the cycles of poverty, but cycles of hate, racism, inequality and
injustice. The same structural racism that blocks the road to justice shapes homelessness in Los
Angeles, and one thing you can today to clear that path is join our Everyone In campaign to speak up
for human dignity, and advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable neighbors for the safety and
stability of a home.