VR Powerpoint

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. That’s part of what the WebVR for Social Good Thought Leadership Series, which kicked off on January 23, 2018, hoped to show a diverse group of professionals who came together to explore the power of VR (virtual reality) and social good. In today’s ever-evolving tech space, more and more enthusiasts are heralding the idea that VR can build and promote empathy when used in conjunction with a non-profit’s narrative.

Held at the Creative Technology Center, attendees got an insider’s look on how VR can create lasting social change from content creators including Georgia Van Cuylenberg (United Way Emerging Leader and Founder of Arts Bridging the Gap), panel moderator Damon Hernandez (Product Manager at Samsung), Erika Barraza (Founder of EVRealities), and Jennifer Katanyoutanant (Founder of Made in Asia). Their passion for new technology and philanthropy was infectious.

“The VR experience is powerful,” said Van Cuylenberg. “You leave the experience unsure of what happened. The VR experience steps us into our peripheral comfort zone.”

Attendees were also able to experience VR technology and immerse themselves in virtual worlds different from their own. When used strategically, the emotional impact of VR can build awareness, elicit empathy and evoke action.

Learn more about upcoming sessions here.