As recently featured on CBS 2 Los Angeles, The Giving Keys has joined United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ initiative to increase job opportunities for individuals experiencing and transitioning out of homelessness.

We invite you to get involved! If you are an employer and are interested in learning how to help, please sign up to learn more about this mutually rewarding opportunity for your business, your neighbors and Los Angeles County!

United Way and its partners are here to help support your efforts!

Is there a way to get involved and help people transition out of homelessnss and gain employment? | Brit Moore Gilmore

This week on The Deciders Renee Fraser talks to Brit Moore Gilmore, a woman who’s president of a company called ‘The Giving Keys’. They create inspirational jewelry and 100 percent of their production staff are people transitioning out of homelessness. Since they started the company they’ve employed over 120 formerly homeless people and have generated $35 million in revenues as they provide a living wage for people, and full benefits.

The company has been so successful in transforming peoples’ lives and creating a path to success for people experiencing homelessness by helping people move up in their company or helping them gain other skills so they can find other jobs or in many cases, people are able to start their own businesses. Their model has been so successful that they’re creating a toolkit to help and encourage other businesses and employers to join them in helping to create jobs for people who are experiencing homelessness and provide a path forward. soundcloud link