What comes to mind when you hear the words “help the environment?”

Do you think of planting trees, recycling, and reducing waste?

For United Way of Greater Los Angeles, it means so much more. The environment is everything you can see, everything you can touch, and everything you can hear. And helping the environment means helping those who need it the most.

World Environment Day, on June 5, is United Nation’s biggest global call to encourage worldwide awareness for the protection of our environment. So take a look around your environment and tell us who you see. Do you see the 47,000 individuals, families, and veterans who don’t have a home to go to tonight?

Make a difference by donating today!

You can give the best gift of all: a second chance.

$1.75 per week gives the gift of opportunity. Help homeless or low-income neighbors secure permanent employment through workplace training programs that teach self-sufficiency, confidence and success.

$2.75 per week gives the gift of hope. Costs can add up when moving into a new home. Your gift offers a homeless family a fresh start by providing essential household items to help them settle without any worries.

$5.25 per week gives the gift of stability. Contribute to the security deposit of a homeless veteran. Help clear the final hurdle in covering the security deposit for a new home.