Workplace campaigns are a great way to get your entire company involved in making a difference. While campaigns are run by internal advocates taught to maximize giving during the campaign, United Way will be there to support you every step of the way. Use the tools below to help ensure your campaign’s success from the very beginning.

Ambassador Guide + One Sheet

The Ambassador Guide is a resource for workplace ambassadors to learn how to lead a successful giving campaign. In this guide, you will find a campaign checklist, volunteer event ideas and important information about United Way’s Everyone In coalition. Can be used in print or digital.

Printing Suggestions (Guide): 11x17, double-sided, 80 lb. stock, folded

Ambassador Guide

This one-sheet provides helpful talking points for workplace ambassadors. Here you will find information about United Way’s work and vision as well as an overview about what individual contributions can achieve in our community. Print for your own use and to share with your organization. 

Printing Suggestions: 8.5x11, double-sided, 80 lb. stock

Talking Points One-Sheet


These emails are intended to help you introduce and promote your giving campaign. Each email is purposefully written to share the unique channels and emphases of United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ work. As the workplace ambassador, you should customize each email (as outlined) to fit the needs of your organization. 

Click here: Email Sample from CEO

Click here: Email Series Campaign Samples


United Way of Greater Los Angeles' Color Logo


United Way of Greater Los Angeles' Color Logo on White Background


United Way of Greater Los Angeles' Black Logo on White Background


United Way of Greater Los Angeles' White Logo on Black Background


Mid Year Impact Report 2017-2018

This impact report provides an overiew of what United Way of Greater Los Angeles has accomplished in the last year.  In this report, you'll find the measurable results of our work along with case studies of famliies and individuals who have received the benefits of succesful giving campaigns.  Print and distribute in your organization.   

Download Mid-Year Impact Report


This pamphlet provides an overview of United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ work and vision. Print and distribute it during campaign meetings and/or around the office to encourage your organization to participate in the giving campaign.

Printing Suggestions: 11x17, double-sided, cut to trim, 80 lb. stock, folded

26 Pay Periods UWGLA Pamphlet

UWGLA General Pamphlet (Monthly Contribution)

UWGLA Pamphlet (Spanish-Version)

Education Pamphlet

Housing Pamphlet

Economic Mobility Pamphlet

Women United Pamphlet

Emerging Leaders Pamphlet

Leadership Society Pamphlet

Tocqueville Society Pamphlet

Posters (Download for Two-Sided Preview)

Print these posters to promote your giving campaign around the office.  During the giving season, you can put up the front side of the poster (page one) to inform and encourage your organization to contribute.  Once the campaign comes to a close, you can flip the poster to the back side (page two) to thank your team for contributing to Untied Way.  

Printing Suggestions:  11x17, double-sided, 80lb. stock, cut trim

"We Can't Rest Until We Rise Above Poverty" Poster

Housing Poster

Education Poster

Economic Mobility Poster

Los Angeles Rams Poster

"We Can't Rest Until We Rise Above Poverty" Poster (Spanish-Version)

Housing Poster (Spanish-Version)

Education Poster (Spanish-Version)

Economic Mobility Poster (Spanish-Version)


As you encourage your organization to contribute to United Way of Greater Los Angeles, you can use this video to provide an overview of our mission. For example, you may want to use this video when you kick off your giving campaign with your organization.

Campaign Video, 90-seconds, YouTube

Volunteer and Engagement Opportunities

United Way of Greater Los Angeles works year-round to host and promote community engagement across the county. On this calendar, you will find a list of our upcoming annual events: Fall Into Literacy, Homeless Count and HomeWalk 5K Run/Walk. Print or distribute this calendar digitally so that the members of your organization can get involved.

Printing Suggestions: 8.5x11, single-sided