Young Civic leaders Program (YCLP)

Elevating students' voice in the decision making process of their education!

Elevating student voice in the decision making process of their education!

Increase Knowledge of Students’ Systems

Students will become deeply passionate about education and the systems that impact their lives; information from our program helps participants examine the deep-rooted issues in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), understand the institutional impacts on their educational attainment and career, and, most importantly, learn how to take action to influence systemic change.

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Diversify and Build Students’ Skills 

We are dedicated to providing our students with tools to build their confidence and a platform to interface with adults who have decision-making power over their education, such as elected officials and other high-ranking officers. Skills built and refined in our program include: media training, public speaking, critical thinking, team-building and more!

Students lead Los Angeles Unified School District Candidate Forums

Influence and Participate in Policy-Making

Students in our program are advocating, influencing, and supporting relevant policies that impact educational outcomes for themselves and LAUSD Students. In 2014, our students wrote, organized, and pushed for the successful passage of a resolution that created the ‘Student Board Member’ position on the LAUSD School Board to elevate student voices in decision-making. The position is still in tact.

Students get involved with elected LAUSD officials and their education

Civic Engagement 

Students in our program are trained to capacitate, inform, and organize communities around pressing issues in education and beyond. Since 2016, our students have been leading  Student-Led Candidate Forums for the Los Angeles Unified School School Board Elections. In total, they have organized six forums that have been attended by more than 1,200 students, parents, and community members while simultaneously leading GOTV efforts, such as registering over 5,000 youth and community members to vote in school board elections across the county.

Meet Our Leaders

Young Civic Leaders Program Manager

My name is Katherine Trejo, and I manage the Young Civic Leaders Program at United Way of Greater Los Angeles. As a Salvadoran American born in Los Angeles and raised in Historic Filipinotown, I understand the challenges and successes that our public schools, communities, and families face. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Politics and Latin American/Latino Studies, I was determined to make a career in improving the experience for students of color within my community.

In 2016, I found my path with United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Here, I work directly with students to uplift their voice in decision-making that pertains to their education and their future through the Young Civic Leaders Program. Not only do these students participate in advocacy work and leadership education, but throughout their journey, we also provide support services to students and their families in financial literacy, assistance with college supplies, personal statement coaching, letters of recommendation, and when possible, grant scholarships. We truly are dedicated to making sure students in our program are receiving the support they need.

CONTACT: [email protected], PHONE: 213-808-6353

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